Buying in Uk

Buying in Uk Howdi folks. Has anyone resident here bought and registered a bike in UK and after 12 months imported it it even possible to do Reason for query looking at less than 1yr old very low mileage and have access to UK address. Vrt would have to paid Source: Buying…

Replacement bolts for brake discs.

Replacement bolts for brake discs. Hi Lads, I had to replace the front brake discs on the Fazer however 2 bolts woundn’t budge and ended rounding them after using penetrating oil, blow torch, hammer etc. The remaining bolts look to be in good shape apart for maybe 1. I need to order…

Bandit not starting!!

Bandit not starting!! Hi guys, Bit of help needed. I know very little about mechanics etc. Had an issue this morning with my bandit. Wouldnt start. The battery seems fine and the starter was going, just didnt seem to catch. Obviously with the cold weather could it be the spark plugs or something? Dont…

Pre-test Navan

Pre-test Navan Hi folks, The age old question – any recommendations as to a good instructor for a Pre-test in Navan? I see lots of answers in the forums, just looking for some up to date opinions, Thanks! :bikerie: Source: Pre-test Navan


Bike/van Anybody know if you can fit a race bike in the back of a crewcab Vauxhall vivaro lwb Source: Bike/van