Triples vs IL4 vs Twins

Triples vs IL4 vs Twins

Hey lads,

Currently on an IL4 bike (Honda X11) – love the bike, comfortable and super reliable.

The previous machine was a 1098 – loved the engine (not around town). Plenty of wallop and torque on tap. At slow speeds a bit jerky but not the type of bike you’d commute on anyway.

I had a go of the MT-09 – loved the engine, as a triple loved the extra torque compared to the IL4’s but also loved the smoother slower speeds.

In the near future I’d love to sell the X11 and move onto a triple – anyone give me an insight to what it’s like to commute and live with a triple? Was thinking Daytona, speed triple etc etc. . . anything that I should be looking for?

I’d say that the budget is around the 5k mark – again this is just hypothetical so looking for opinions on the engine types and living with triples 🙂

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