Hi Guys,

First post here.

I am over 40 years biking and have a few points of interest.

I have noticed over the past two or three years that other drivers have become increasingly intolerant to bikers. Yes there was always some resentment toward us but I think that was due to speed but now however I believe it to be people upset that you are getting something over them and they seem to be taking it way tooooo seriously. To a dangerous level which I for one have never seen before.

Last week alone;

Last week I was exiting Tesco which has a bit of a slip way onto the street proper. There was a good 60/70 meters between me and the oncoming car. The silly bitch laid on the horn and nearly rear ended me because I got out in front of her. I have never seen a woman so annoyed in my life. That’s what independence has brought them I suppose!!! I was lightly a man and had to be brought down!!! I thought she would have a coronary right there. Losing it just because somebody SEEMED to be getting one over on them in her small mind.

Yesterday I had a BMW driver close up to the car in front so I couldn’t get in between he and the car in front which was stopped at a light. When I saw him close the gap I shrugged my shoulders and filtered to the front of the que. He lost it and I just took off after laying fucks into him.

I think he would have made a big thing out of it had I stopped to take him on as his woman was also in the car. Although I hadn’t seen her at the time I got “that” feeling it was a woman whom instigated his move in the first place. That was only going to end one way! It wasn’t until later I actually saw her get out of the car in town. Pen and used lotto ticket to the fore then.

I have filtered through stationary traffic for over 40 years without a problem until recent times. I believe it to be small minded people who hate to see anyone get one over on them. As if it mattered at the end of the day! As a motorcyclists I believe the safest place for us is at the front so we can see debris, road conditions etc.

This is just plain childish behaviour due to the world we live in today. Yes some drivers are great and maybe some are just intelligent enough in knowing the biker is going to get out by them anyway so I may as well be seen to be polite. But as I said already I have seen a massive increase in the past few years and if this continues I really don’t see biking to be safe anymore. If this isn’t addressed by the powers that be someone is going to meet an overly angry dickhead someday. People have extremely short fuses today especially younger and middle aged ones. I wouldn’t mind but they don’t seem to want to vent their anger at the real perpetrators in society who get away with murder and have the whole of society paying their way in life as they always did. Ironic. The older generation seem to be fine with bikes moving and stationary. I see old folk admire my bike whilst younger ones look at it with intent.

Along with that I now see oncoming drivers lose their shit when you’re passing traffic. You’re well back on your own side but they are there flashing lights and blowing horns hundreds of meters up the road. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always pull out of the way when I see someone trying to make a pass. It’s no biggy. It sharpens my skills so I bless them instead of curse them. That again is happening more and more lately!

Cyclists are another bone of contention. I don’t mind them sprinting through red lights etc. If there isn’t traffic why not. They are getting out of the way are they not? What I have a real problem with is their riding two, three and four abreast and holding up miles of traffic. In one case 8 frikin km’s riding two abreast the whole way from Mamm Cross to Oughterard and then engaged in a fist fight with angry motorists in the middle of the street. There constantly gobbing off about the environment but there is miles of traffic at a standstill! WTF!!!

I had a close shave a few months ago because of them; I came up behind a transit van coming out of Galway city and whatever that jackass was on he slowed right down in a 100km zone when he saw me. I dilly dallied behind him. Next thing a small van comes right across into my lane and hits my brake handle with his mirror and momentarily applied my brake. He hit it so hard it took the chrome off the lever. In hindsight the transit slowing up probably saved me. If he only knew that!!

I can’t blame the van driver as he had to take action to avoid two abreast cyclists on a narrow road. My speedo showed 1.4 miles of a tail back in this case and that was “after” I managed to pass the transit. I know the Clifden road and it is notorious for cyclists and because it’s a narrow road they ride 3 & 4 abreast in order that they feel safe out there. As it was a fish van I can only imagine how frustrated he was after driving in from Clifden and encountering cyclist after cyclist. I wrote to the AA and the Gardi and sent pics of the brake lever to them. I was asked why I didn’t turn around and follow the driver. Beggars belief!

Slow drivers; need I say anything here. Since mobile phones came on the scene I have never seen the likes of it. That and speed cameras. I couldn’t firkin believe it when one guy stuck it to the road after seeing a speed van up ahead. We were on a big wide road with 100km signs all over and he obviously didn’t know that.

I see people on phones all the time at 35 or 45kmh and parched against the door and watching the mirror for cops. Then they lose it when taken to task about it! I have seen so many close shaves by drivers wanting to get out by them and then having to go over the limit to make up time! I am expected at an “instant” to know they are going to do this and get out of their way as I am the smaller one. I always do it anyway but there are instances where I don’t even get the chance.

The unfortunate part of all this is that it is the motorcyclist who is made to look bad here when in actual fact it just isn’t. It’s not our fault that people have become so small minded and insecure in themselves. Nor is it our fault that drivers have slowed down to have phone conferences or cyclist who would have us believe they are GREEN minded when miles of cars are idling along burning it up just because they feel unsafe to ride single file out there. Single file lets everyone function. Does it not? We are the ones paying road tax, insurance and NCT and we are been brought to a standstill by cyclists. WTF !!!!!! I get the feeling that a lot of those cyclist get great joy out of holding everyone else up. It’s power unto themselves is it not.

I think the motorcycling sector in Ireland should get together somehow and address these issues. I don’t know how that could be done but someone might come up with a plan. A demonstration, or online petition maybe. What about we all put a €1 into a papers Paypal account and put a page in the papers every day for a week or over the course of a year and get our concerns out there and into people’s minds and conversations. Once a month as a refresher? I remember we marched in Dublin regarding Insurance back in the 80’s and it worked! I don’t think for a second that if all of us get together we cannot make a difference. We all have seen what people power can do and if all it does is take the ownis off bikers in the public as well as the authorities’ eyes it is worth it. I often wonder if a lot of drivers out there know for instance that filtering through stationary traffic or using a bus lane is not “really” an offence. If they knew that the safest place for us is at the front would that not take the spite away somewhat? If we shove the phone, slow drivers and cyclist issue into the law makers faces would it not for the very least take the pressure off us and eventually bear fruit down the road. Whether laws are changed or not it would at least highlight the fact that us bikers are not the worst out there and that we are pissed off with the endangering of our lives and that we are well aware of this small mindedness toward us. Which is what is happening and only getting worse. If you tell someone about their mistakes or attitude it will change them. I have no doubt about that.

I know this much; for the first time in my biking career I questioned whether I would renew my insurance last week or not. What the point if all the fun is been taken out of it.

I know from AA polls that changes have been made and they will only continue to be made if those in authority are made aware of issues out there.

PPP; People Power People!

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