Sumitomo HM90 unsealed connectors?

Sumitomo HM90 unsealed connectors? Any idea where I could get a few of these around here? I think they’re the connectors for the sidelights of the fz6. Source: Sumitomo HM90 unsealed connectors?

Replacement bolts for brake discs.

Replacement bolts for brake discs. Hi Lads, I had to replace the front brake discs on the Fazer however 2 bolts woundn’t budge and ended rounding them after using penetrating oil, blow torch, hammer etc. The remaining bolts look to be in good shape apart for maybe 1. I need to order…

Bandit not starting!!

Bandit not starting!! Hi guys, Bit of help needed. I know very little about mechanics etc. Had an issue this morning with my bandit. Wouldnt start. The battery seems fine and the starter was going, just didnt seem to catch. Obviously with the cold weather could it be the spark plugs or something? Dont…

DRZ 400 starter issue

DRZ 400 starter issue I’m having a bit of trouble with the DRZ at the moment. I wasn’t getting anything at all from it when I hit the starter button, not even a noise off the relay so I did a starter relay bypass to check if that’s the problem and she sprang into life….

Fazor tick over problem

Fazor tick over problem Hi all I have a fz6 2005, The problem that I have with it is that sometimes when I’m riding the tickover will dramatically change for example I was riding the other day and it went up to 4000 rpm and I had to adjust downwards then last week it…

K3 gsxr 600 breather hose leak.

K3 gsxr 600 breather hose leak. Lads I bought a K3 600 track bike and fuel is leaking from breather hose from back of tank. Tank is almost empty, and it stops leaking when engine is running. Any ideas? Thanks Source: K3 gsxr 600 breather hose leak.

Price for kill switch

Price for kill switch Hi got kill switch fitted to cbr600F new switch and two hours labour 260 Euro sound bit much or about right? I would have expected switch was easy to fit, thanks Source: Price for kill switch


Emulators Anybody ever fit the likes of “Race Tech” gold emulators to bandit 1200 style forks.. If so is it worth the hassle.. Tks.. Source: Emulators