Big Tom died today

Big Tom died today r.i.p. Tom , love or hate his music he was very big back in the day. Remember touring country marquees in summer looking for young wans to debauch and Tom playing . Source: Big Tom died today

Secure Parking

Secure Parking I spotted this bike on my lunch break 🙂 Attachment 181516 Attached Images secureparking.jpg (90.5 KB) Source: Secure Parking

Muppets….that were caught.

Muppets….that were caught. Sentencing, Judge Simon Levene told the pair they were “good men who had done an insane thing”. I want that on my gravestone: “A good man that did an insane thing” :ninja: Source: Muppets….that were caught.

a kind of joke

a kind of joke Did you here about the dyslexic alcoholic pervert? he was always running into bras…….. Source: a kind of joke