Income protection

Income protection Anyone know of any company that offers reasonable income protection for motorcyclist’s? Source: Income protection

My first six months biking

My first six months biking Hello all, Last year I had a thought of getting myself a motorbike, something that was on my mind on and off for years. Got my licence last July and a few weeks later did the IBT. Left it a few months before buying my first bike….a fz6….

Can I drive a bike on a full car A licence?

Can I drive a bike on a full car A licence? Ok apologies because this is obviously a dumb question but I keep reading & reading and getting more and more confused with what should be a simple issue. Can I buy/ride my first motorcycle with a full A car licence ? (I’ve been…

HELP, Back biking after long break

HELP, Back biking after long break Hi Guys, this is my first post and i am running in circles trying to find help on google. i have previously had a provisional bike license, this has long since expired, renewed maybe 7 years ago, I am trying to get back onto bikes now through applying…

Odd luggage question

Odd luggage question I’ve got a cbr125 (as I’m only on provisional and in early days of learning) Has anyone got a suggestion how to carry a hurley on the bike through city traffic? Bit random I know. Source: Odd luggage question

Laid up Deauville questions

Laid up Deauville questions Hi all, So I’m resurrecting the fathers old trusty steed as my first bike. Its an NT650V Deauville from 99. He has it 14 years as a weekend runabout but looked after it well. He stored the bike 2 years ago for the winter, but in between the dad became…

A2 insurance problems

A2 insurance problems Anyone else struggling to get insurance on a provisional a2 license?:wassat: just me? Source: A2 insurance problems

CB500 first time biker

CB500 first time biker Hello all, New to all this craic so bear with me. So im 20 years old, and looking to start on an A2 license. Ive ridden mx bikes all my life, and have a mad notion to start on a CB500X/CBR500r. Ive done a lot of research, and i feel theyd…