Chain for swinging

Chain for swinging I have an 18mm pragmasis chain but way too heavy for effective swinging while riding. What do you use? Source: Chain for swinging

1984 Fj1100 matching numbers

1984 Fj1100 matching numbers Anyone know if these early Yamaha’s would have had matching frame and engine numbers? I know my 81 xs650 and 91 xt600 Tenere do. Source: 1984 Fj1100 matching numbers

2002 dragster 650

2002 dragster 650 going to look at a 2002 dragster 650 some day next week. just wondering what people think of that model bike. don’t have any pics yet. as I have always had either sports or naked bikes I am unsure about cruisers. so a few general questions: what are common problems with this…

1984 fxrp

1984 fxrp This started out as a cop bike in California. 1st year EVO motor. The bike has been built as a hotrod and all the cop stuff stripped off it Bored and Stroked out to 106 cubic inches The FXR frame is reckoned to be the best handling frame harley ever built. A young…

dragstar 650 bobber completed

dragstar 650 bobber completed hey fellas.. i want to show you my job on my bike, a dragstar 650.. very dificult to work with it here at small town in Greece ,no access to accesories and no ”mechanics” to work staff like that! check it here and let me know your opinions…..


Baffled Well lads. Hope someone can help me out here. Have had the Magna VF 750 a few months now and love it. Someone suggested removing the baffles to give it a bit more grunt. Whats the general conciseness on this? Also would I have to re-jet the carbs if I remove the baffles?…