New (to me bike)

New (to me bike) Picked up a 2006 KTM 950sm with 33k km on it last night. Almost had a trade for my cbr 600rr but went ahead and sold mine privately and worked out a better deal with the seller. I’ve read some really good things about these and first impressions are great! It…

Dominator Exhausts

Dominator Exhausts Anyone ever have any experience of Dominator exhausts from Poland? They are all over fleabay and look quite reasonable. Source: Dominator Exhausts

SMIDSY a reality?

SMIDSY a reality? Riding to a Limerick earlier this evening on an R road. There’s a staggered crossroads on an 80kph stretch which is lethal since the crossroads is on a bend and arsicons frequently pull cages to the middle of the road before completing the cross and are ‘legally’ stopped indicating right – logic…

Wanted : 900rr bits

Wanted : 900rr bits Does anyone have a set of discs for a RRW blade? Also a clear double bubble? Shorty levers? Thanks very much Source: Wanted : 900rr bits

homestay or house wanted 2018 tt 5 people

homestay or house wanted 2018 tt 5 people hi i looking for a homestay or a house to rent for the 2018 tt from the 1st june till 9th june 8 nights we are 2 couples and one male 5 in total .all in our 50s and clean and tidy mature adults we have been…