Wanted : Centre stand 1978 suzuki gs550

Wanted : Centre stand 1978 suzuki gs550 Hi guys. I’m looking for a centre stand for a 1978 suzuki gs550E. I’m not too concerned about the physical appearance a long as it is Functional. Thanks Paul Source: irish bikers

bleeding clutch fj1200

bleeding clutch fj1200 hi all.lost all pressure on clutch and was getting bubbles in master cylinder.it was suggested that it was more than likely the slave seals so i replaced them.with the master cleaned and empty i tried to back bleed from nipple with syringe.i could only push so much in then it would start…

For Sale : New Nexx XR1R Carbon/Kevlar (Manky colour)

For Sale : New Nexx XR1R Carbon/Kevlar (Manky colour) Practically brand new (worn twice) Nexx XR1R lid, size small. This is the lid that all the mags were raving about, with MCN saying When MCN reviewed the Nexx XR1R Carbon, writer Dan Aspel concluded that it was “The best road helmet I’ve worn”, and awarded…

top yoke

top yoke hi guys recently bought a 92 tenere 750. took the top yoke off to get powder coated and had to strip the bushings out that the risers go into, search internet and cant find them, anybody on here have a link as to where i can get them or if i can get…

For Sale : 4gb ddr3 pc3-12800 sodimm

For Sale : 4gb ddr3 pc3-12800 sodimm Wrong memory for the wife’s PC (oops). Crucial 4GB DDR PC3-12800 SODIMM 1.35v 204-pin CT51264BF160B Anyone want it? €40, posted. Attachment 173654 Attachment 173655 Attached Images IMAG1631-1024.jpg (42.2 KB) IMAG1632-1024.jpg (52.8 KB) Source: irish bikers

Vertical motorcycle plate

Vertical motorcycle plate Hey there, This topic might have already been covered many times but I failed to find them. Anyone got any experience with vertical motorcycle plate? Are they allowed in Ireland? Or considered as "altered"? Would they be tolerate by the police? Thanks! Example: http://i.imgur.com/XD0wKSG.jpg Cheers. Source: irish bikers

Very Un-PC adverts

Very Un-PC adverts Some great old adverts here, made me laugh….:lbhbh: http://www.buzzfeed.com/patricksmith…-today#4ldqphz Source: irish bikers